Day: Saturday, September 16, 2006

Added Cool Tools and Updates!

I returned from Seattle late last night after spending a day and a half road testing for my new job. We took a truck up to one of Seattle’s many home improvement centers and delivered our product to the store. It worked out well! I was impressed with the operation and enjoyed the company and the people who run the operation. The equipment is older, but it runs well and management keeps close tabs on repairs and maintenance. I also found out that some of my days could be a few hours long with full days wages depending on where I deliver. Pretty cool idea to take a last minute or emergency load of product to a store, spend a few hours waiting for the unload and return to the yard for a full days wages. I think I’ll fit in well with this company.

I’ll still be able to contribute to my blog on a regular basis, work full time, take in some of Seattle’s activities, ie: football and Mariner games, and even be able to return to college to finish my degree! Not a bad gig if you ask me.

As for the blog, I have added a couple new features to broaden the mind and to interact with whoever is on the site. I have added a “Word of the Day” feature. I may change it fom time to time as the need arrises. Today I have it set for the quote of the day. The script runs automatically and will display a new quote or word on a daily basis. I thought it was a cool feature to add to the blog. I know most people not in the trucking world see most truckers as illiterate or uneducated. I actually know a few truckers with advanced degrees and Ph’d’s. Maybe some of us can change the way most of the outside world see’s us as a whole.

The other feature I have added to the blog is a live chat feature. Just sign up by entering your e-mail address, password and user name and your ready to go. I try to log into the chat room when I go online. If anyone would like to chat, just give me a buzz. Thanks to the folks at!

The Trucking Blog eStore has made some changes too. I have narrowed the pages down to specific items such as a page you can buy a CDL Atlas from my site. The prices are much lower than you might expect from a truck stop. My featured items this month include a truckers cooler, an XM Radio and Car Kit package and the CDL Atlas page. If you think of any other products that can be used as featured items, let me know. One thing that I would like to point out is the KVH Satellite system. You’ve seen trucks with the “bubble type” or “dish type” satellite systems mounted on the truck, I know I’ve seen them. I found a cool “dish” that’s actually a receiver for DirecTV. It mounts flat and doesn’t take up a lot of space. It would fit perfectly on a mid-roof sleeper or the gap between the roof and wind deflector on a Pete or KW. The fiberglass shell on your wind deflector should have not much affect on the reception of the receiver. It’s still a little pricey, but if you’re into watching your favorite football game or news from home, this product is a must have! It was originally developed for RV’s, many other uses include limo’s and suv’s. ALL ORDERS MADE THROUGH THE TRUCKING BLOG eSTORE SHOPPING CART ARE PROCESSED THROUGH AMAZON’S SECURE ORDER SERVER. No information is collected by me or this site. All orders are fulfilled through

This concludes the weekly update and I’ll be back later with a new article for your reading enjoyment!