New Design, New Tools, New Blog!

Welcome to the new and improved Trucking Blog!

After a long time off, I have returned to post my thoughts, comments, observations and general writings about life on the road and trends in the industry. I have included new links, search tools and useful trucking information for over-the-road truck drivers. Click on any link to be directed to a website where you can find more information and resources about that subject.

A new feature is a link to Amazon’s Unbox Movie Download Service! From the comfort of your truck and your wifi connection, you can now download top movies and entertainment in minutes! Try this cool new service by clicking HERE!

I’ll be bringing updates, conversation and comment about life on the road in the coming weeks. I am interviewing with a company out of Seattle to deliver paint for a major home improvement chain. The job is pretty cool, allows me to be home on the weekends and one night during the week. No more mileage pay, it pays a percentage of the load! I am pretty excited about this new opportunity. I’d be delivering throughtout the Northwest. Wish me luck with my new endeavor!


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