Now a Message from our Sponsor!

I’d like to welcome you to our online Trucking Blog eStore. I found this cool store builder at I tooled with it for several weeks if not months. What was I going to do with my aStore? I finally realized that I could integrate the store into The Trucking Blog.

I found that Amazon offers thousands of products at low, everyday prices. With partners like Target Stores and Office Depot, the choices are almost limitless. On the main page you will notice a category named “Items for the Truck”. I have searched for items that are commonly found in most truck stops. Right now, Amazon has the Wagan 2084 12-Volt 15 Liter Hot / Cold Personal Fridge listed today at $54.99. This is a savings of almost 30% off truck stop prices!

It’s only mid-September but you can never be too early to start shopping for your holiday gifts. The next time you take your 36 hour break and have nothing to do, check out my Trucking Blog eStore, order a few gifts and have them delivered to your home or terminal before the big holiday rush. Instead of spending all of your “home time” at a crowded mall, sit back and enjoy your family and friends this holiday season. And hey, maybe you can catch a few football games while your at it!


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