Hours of Service Revised! (Again!)

It has been almost two weeks since the new hours of service has taken effect in the US. Does anyone have any clue on how the new rules affect us on the road? I finally got fed up trying to figure out the rules on my own and invested $70. on my own copy of DDL (Drivers Daily Log).

F. Roland “Nick” Bjorklund hit a home run with this program. I am happy to say that my company allows all drivers to use this program. It has been endorsed by the Oregon DOT and it should save a lot of time and hassle trying to figure out the new rules. You can check out the program by pointing your browser at http://www.driversdailylog.com.

One thing that I did notice in the new rules was that a driver cannot use the split sleeper to his or her advantage after October 1st. Although, if a driver takes his first two hour break during his 14 hour work period, he or she only has to take 8 hours in the sleeper before diving again. This sounds great, but I found out by using the program that you may only drive the number of hours after the 8 hour break you gained in the initial break period, ie: 2 hours. If one were to spend 5 hours in the sleeper or off-duty, you could then drive another 5 hours before you would have to hit the sleeper again. My best advise is to take a two hour off duty break during the 14 hour on duty period, then spend 10 hours in the sleeper to reset the 14 hour clock. This all sound very confusing, and rightly it is. Obviously the politicians in Washington, DC had no clue on how to effectively write the new rules.

If you have a lap-top and you use it on the road, my advise is to spend the $70. and keep yourself out of trouble with DOT. $70 is far less costly than a $25o – $1500+ ticket for not keeping up your logs. The Federal DOT has fully adopted DDL and accepts it’s use by all OTR drivers in the United States.


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